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June 9, 2021

Dream: English language poster


Graphic design and illustration of the poster for an animated short film
Dream (Drøm in Danish) is an animated short film directed by Snobar Avani, in collaboration with Parka Pictures and Nørlum. It is a very personal story, based on the director's own experiences, and seen through the eyes of a child fleeing from war.
It received support from Red Cross, Forstå, DFI, Vestdanske Filmpulje, Frederiksberg Fonden and Creative Europe Media, among others, and will be used for educational purposes in schools.

The poster is a digital painting. The visual style is an interpretation of the art direction of the film, which is quite different from my own personal aesthetic, but created a lovely challenge. I included some elements from the film, but also took some creative liberties.

Illustration and graphic layout for film poster
Print and digital
Danish and English language