Ragnarok VR: Black & Gold | Graphic design & illustration for VR horror game
January 4, 2015
Sono Fluo | Interactive, audiovisual, sensor-based installation for The Danish Music Museum
July 14, 2015

Berlin Black start screen

Berlin Black

Co-designing and creating all visuals for experimental mobile game.
Sometimes, music brings strangers and friends together by being the catalyst for spontaneous jamming sessions that uplift and inspire because of their unpredictability.
Myself and programmer Horatiu Roman tried to capture the feeling where even people who don't know how to play music feel included in the activity.

The result is the small, experimental mobile game Berlin Black made during 24 hours; a memory capsule about pianos, street art, thieves and indie game developers in Berlin.
You play on a piano with pre-selected keys that will always sound beautiful together. Every note is recorded, so you can play back the recording to improvise to yourself.

Play together or play alone, and enjoy the art.

PRODUCTS: gameplay co-design and all visual material for mobile game
You can download the Android game APK from this link.


Berlin Black start screen

Small clip of the gameplay

(Pardon the stuttering footage -it was recorded through an emulator on a PC)